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What are The Five Days of Action?

Five Days of Action is a week-long campaign designed to raise awareness and inspire adults to take action to protect youth from sexual abuse.


All of us can protect youth when we Know. See. Respond.



KNOWing about child sexual abuse can help adults better understand what to look for and how to prevent it. As parents, caregivers, and trusted adults to the young people in our lives, we play an important role in protecting them from abuse. This requires our commitment to continually learn and then ask questions about the safety of our loved ones.


When we SEE boundaries being crossed or suspect a child is being abused, we can and should act quickly. Sports should be safe places for children to grow, both as people and athletes. As a parent, caregiver, coach, or volunteer, it is up to you to make sure any environment in which children in your care interact is free from abuse.


Did you know that you don’t need evidence to report abuse—only reasonable suspicion? But even for adults, reporting abuse is hard. We don’t want to falsely accuse someone or get someone in trouble. On the other hand, reporting might be the one thing that saves a child – or children – from abuse. It is our responsibility to RESPOND to any and all disclosure, discovery or suspicion of child sexual abuse.


It’s important to set ground rules, be proactive, and keep the lines of communication concerning technology and the internet open between Caregivers and youth.
1. Connect with youth before, during, and after online use.
2. Ask questions, research, and be involved in the games and apps they frequent.
3. Talk about the types of virtual interaction in the apps and online services they use.
4. Set rules for when and where they can  video chat –  EX: in open spaces like the living room or kitchen
1. Discuss the importance of never giving out: names, addresses, or phone numbers online.
2. Establish clear guidelines for which sites, apps, and downloads are accessible.



Download your own Pledge to Protect card.

This card will encourage you to KNOW, SEE, and RESPOND to the signs of sexual abuse to help protect children.


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