The YMCA offers preschool and competitive team gymnastics.

We teach kids to flip, twirl, and fly in our structured gymnastic program. Students will learn movement and fine motor skills as they advance through our program.

Gymnasts who are ready to take their skills to the next level can get involved in competitive gymnastics where they can compete with a high level team who focuses on safety and achievement.





Pre-School Gymnastics

These are developmental courses that teach proper terminology, techniques, and skills to facilitate independence and preparedness for higher levels of gymnastics curriculum.


Biginner Gym



Two Classes Per Week:
Member: $150 per session
Non-member: $170 per session

Competitive Team

Gainesville Gymnastics Academy is a USAG Club team. We attend competitions all across the state. Membership in our competitive team program results when a child has shown exceptional strength, flexibility, skills, and has been invited to the team. USA Gymnastics is our national governing body, and they direct competitive gymnastics nationwide. USA Gymnastics sets the rules and policies that govern gymnastics in this country. USAG has two distinct programs: Junior Olympic and Elite programs. The Junior Olympic program is made of ten levels: 1 through 10 in a linear order. The Elite program is where our international and Olympic level athletes are trained. You can find out more at

For more information on how to join our team please contact us at